About me

35336_419861261505_5541928_nHi my name is Viviana and I am currently undertaking a Community Archaeology traning placement with a focus on developing youth engagement with Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust, Welshpool. My placement is managed by the Council for British Archaeology and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund through the Skills for the Future programme with additional support from English Heritage, CADW and Historic Scotland.

Thanks to these interested bodies and other hosts organisations I will spend the next twelve months organising community archaeology projects that will aim to engage local communities and young people in particular, by sharing my passion for archaeology and heritage! This blog will follow my year as a Community Archaeology trainee and most importantly, will promote and inform about the spectacular archaeology and heritage here in Mid Wales, its communities and traditions.

Archaeology, heritage and arts are my longtime passions. I was born and grew up in Italy, in a beautiful town called Turin – that’s right the place where you can find the famous Shroud of Turin! But Turin is much more. It is a town rich in culture, history, archaeology, museums and monuments. All these elements inspired me in becoming an archaeologist and most importantly they inspired me to help people around me to understand and appreciate what I valued so much. So this is probably where everything started.

However,only recently my dream has become reality. After years of work in a different sector, gaining management experience, in 2007 I moved to England and two years later I was a mature student in Worcester.  In May 2013 I graduated at the University of Worcester in Archaeology and Heritage Studies. Since graduating I have worked as a researcher for the University of Worcester and since 2011 I have volunteered at The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust where I contributed to set up the Ironbridge Archaeology Volunteer Group. This  attracted a number of keen amateur and young archaeologists from the local area and beyond. Being part of a community group allowed me to share my enthusiasm and my archaeological experience with others, particularly through archaeology open days, specific research projects and events. I am currently co-leading the new Ironbridge Young Archaeologist Club Branch.

With my placement I am currently planning and developing initiatives in Clwyd and Powys which are giving me the opportunity to improve my archaeological and historical knowledge of the area, as well as learning about the Welsh heritage and the traditions of the people who shaped and are still shaping this beautiful region.

I look forward to developing new projects and having the chance to share practices with other CABP holders. Most of all, I can’t wait to work with young people. You are all welcome to join me and work together to discover this beautiful part of the world!


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